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How can my business get the coveted Verified TrustMedal Profile (VTP) and TrustMedal Logo and Certificate (TLC)?

Applying for your own TLC and VTP couldn’t be easier. Just follow these steps:

1. Click Apply Now.

2. Provide your email address, then verify it by sliding the button as indicated. When finished, click Next to move on.

3. Click on Check Email Now to see if the required registration email has been sent to your inbox. If the registration email does not arrive within a few minutes, please take the following action:

4. Complete the necessary details and click on Confirm to indicate that you have completed the application. In the field marked “I am a”, choose whether you are registering as a buyer, a supplier or both. If you do not have a company name to include, you can put your own name in the “Company name” field.

5. After the application is completed and submitted, there is nothing more to do until our team at TrustMedal contacts you with the details you need about completing your registration.