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Benefits of TrustMedal Logo & Certificate - TLC:

The TrustMedal logo and certificate provide many benefits to your company, including these:

Third-party verification

Customers have trouble knowing who they can trust, but the seal and certificate we provide offers third-party verification of your company. People trust the logo, certificate and the Verified TrustMedal Profile (VTP).

An edge over the competition

If your competition isn’t third-party verified and certified, the TrustMedal seal can help you stand out. When consumers are deciding who to trust, they are more likely to choose the certified and verified company than the one that displays no seal or certificate.

More Business

If your goal is to grow and improve your business, your VTP, logo and certificate are another tool that can help you move forward from your competition. When your website or social media profile visitors realize you are verified and certified by a third-party, they are more likely to become customers, boosting your bottom line.