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TrustMedal acts as 3rd party business verification agency to receive and approve business credential. Like BBB, Truste and other agencies, TrustMedal issues certificate and logo to approved businesses after vetting process is completed.

*CHL is part of TrustMedal portfolio to help businesses receive the enquiries directly from their own website or through TrustMedal approved online business listing directories.

TrustMedal - Certificate For Trust

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TrustMedal issues Trust Certificate and Logo to selected, verified businesses.

TrustMedal is world's most innovative Business Verification, Review and Rating Agency. TrustMedal issues valid Certificate to businesses having appropriate registration, banking relationship, place of business and acceptable level of commitment to customer service.

You can apply for TrustMedal Certificate to build trust, grow your brand and achieve higher level of credibility.


TrustMedal helps Suppliers & Service Providers To Build Trust with *verifiable* TrustMedal Logo. Suppliers & Service Providers can use prestigious TrustMedal Logo on website, social media or mobile phones. Every verified business will get Verified TrustMedal Profile (VTP) web-page.


TrustMedal helps buyers to create projects, post their needs and select service providers for their projects. TrustMedal also helps buyer to easily verify Supplier's credentials by visiting Verified TrustMedal Profile (VTP).

Trusted Exclusive Market Place

TrustMedal is NOT for everyone. It is exclusive, premium club of selected suppliers and service providers. Out of millions of businesses worldwide, every few businesses would quality for TrustMedal seal.

TrustMedal Logo & Certificate

TrustMedal Logo and Certificate are secure graphics that link to Verified TrustMedal Profile Pages.

We invite you to be the part of our Internet revolution to personalize the Internet.

Our platform is based on trust; all the reviews are honest and not to deceive customers. To all businesses with loads of good ratings, an award is usually given, and this keeps competitors on their feet to satisfy their clients. Go ahead and create an account either as a business owner or a customer and start making a difference.

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